RigDig Business Intelligence

by Randall Reilly

BOOTH #507

RigDig Business Intelligence launched in 2013 after we realized our work to create the well-known RigDig Truck History Reports had created a trucking database with the potential to deliver game-changing business intelligence. As we’ve developed RigDig BI over the years, the platform has become easier to use with more features and even more powerful as we layer in new datasets.

Today, RigDig Business Intelligence is the primary source for vehicle specifications. Our data provides all the labor and resources needed to tie a VIN to the associated carrier. Our clients use RigDig BI to see a prospect’s equipment mix and brand preferences, explore market share growth, and find new sales and service opportunities. Our comprehensive data on the trucking industry paints the most precise picture of your market.

Learn more about how RigDig Business Intelligence, along with our team of digital and media professionals, can help you grow your business at RigDigBI.com.